The Friends of the Rest  organisation Wound up

With the resurfacing project recently completed by Traffic Scotland the main need for Friends of the Rest to raise funds to improve the old road is no longer required.

At a meeting on 3rd April 2013 the Committee agreed to the winding up of Friends of the Rest with immediate effect.

It was agreed that the funds of the organisation be donated to the Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club
Rescue Unit Fund.

Though the Friends of the Rest no longer exists, the enthusiastic former membership are investigating other activities to support classic motoring in the Argyll and surrounding area.  

We look forward to more information on this initiative which will be published here with a link to any new organisations website. 

Thank you to all members who have supported the Friends of the Rest over the past years.

             Minutes of the closing meeting  Here      Chairmans closing statement Here                                                 
Updated 15 April 2013